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Mobilizing the Mind Guerrilla
Mobilisering av tankekraftens gerilja
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Mobilizing the Mind Guerrilla
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Mind Games
The word “crisis” is popular in the public domain today. It is closely followed by “war”, be it on terror, drugs, pollution or a host of other issues. When it isn’t a “crisis” or a “war” topping the headlines, it is commonly an accident, a tragedy or a disaster. Why is that? Is there nothing good happening in this world worthy of our attention? Every solution offered by our governments, to all of the problems above, seems to strip away our freedom, poison our bodies with synthetic drugs, and poison our food, the air we breathe and water we drink. To make it safe, we are told. We are bombarded with images and ideas of violence through all media channels. From continual violence in the news, via violence as entertainment in books and films, to simulated training in violence with computer games. We are familiar with many parties, police, military and others, ready to tackle perceived problems with a violent reaction as a solution to a problem. We now se authority figures, from around the world, forecasting “riots” as the public response to the current “economic crisis”. What can the hidden hand gain by promulgating violence as the default reaction to a threat? Is violence a solution to our problems - or to their problems?

What action can we take which will deliver the result we want? What do we want? Who are we? The purpose of this article is to present all anyone reading it needs to access their full inner power and join a decisive action to create peace, freedom and abundance on Mother Earth. I want to show how each sovereign person can help Mother Earth become the best world imaginable.

The Russian astrophysicist Vladislav Lugovenko offers clear, replicated, scientific documentation that “the effects of large group meditation can be quantitatively recorded with high objectivity. This fact will encourage not only spiritual people to join such meditations, but also anyone else who sincerely wants peace and happiness on Earth.” (Hiltner). Meditation is the dangerous practice which had Falun Gong outlawed in China. 25 years ago I attended a workshop in meditation. One piece of information I remember is that where 1% of the population in a city meditates, there is a noticeable reduction in crime and other low frequency activities. 10 years ago I attended a summer seminar with a hundred other people for ten days. Between teaching sessions we were working on the land with many different tasks. The purpose was to ground with the land and practice doing everything from our hearts. Towards the end of the seminar many of us were noting a significant elevation in the energy on the land: it had become a noticeably better place to be.

With the right knowledge, meditation can be vastly more powerful than just a blissing out in never-never-land. Millions of people today want change, but they have been led to believe that they are powerless to do anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. A few people persistently creating with knowledge and discernment can achieve surprising results. A thousand can do more, faster. 10.000 can rock this world so fast that heads will spin. I invite all to join in a campaign to make this planet the best place to live imaginable. Let us set aside our differences of opinion and perception of details. Let’s focus on what we agree upon and what we want. By joining focus on love, life, freedom and abundance, we will cause a change of frequency on this planet. We will shift from a frequency where most people live in a state of worry and denial, persistently surrendering their individual sovereign power, to a frequency where each person find the information they need to wake up and make self empowering choices. Every person participating makes a tremendous difference - the numbers needed are far less than you might think. Please spread this article to the four corners of Mother Earth. Soon more and more people will be participating, day and night, world wide.

Insurrection in face of the current crisis will only serve as the excuse the hidden hand needs to invest martial law and slam the police state into place. Instead we can take the most powerful action there is, without presenting a target. Even millions of people participating in a joint meditation campaign will not show on any security camera. But first we need to know how consciousness and energy works, and we need to know how to apply that knowledge.

We’re playing those mind games together
Pushing the barriers planting seeds
Playing the mind guerrilla

(From the song “Mind Games”, by John Lennon)

The Matrix
What most people know is what they have been taught. We are taught “facts” and trained to regurgitate them in exams, at work, and in the face of questions. Most people never really question. Questioning is actively discouraged by overt and covert sanctions. Control of knowledge has always been paramount. For hundreds of years “truth” was guarded by the Holy Roman Inquisition armed with Malleus Maleficarum. Today “truth” is guarded by the Holy Scientific Inquisition armed with Codex Alimentarius. Why have shamans, herbalists, midwives, and indigenous Holy persons, all over the world, persistently been the primary targets throughout the entire Indo European expansion? Why have they, first among all, faced ridicule, isolation and murder? Why indeed. From nursery to doctorate level, we are fed information with which we structure our understanding of the world. It wouldn’t do for those setting up the Matrix to let people who know better walk free.

Every day, in every way, wherever we turn, we are bombarded with information. Perception manufactories, like science, religion and education (truth); newspapers, radio and television (news); magazines, books, music and movies (entertainment), have in various guises been hard at work for generations. The hidden hand will do anything to keep our minds and emotions busy processing information. We are peppered with ever stronger stimuli, since like any drug, effectiveness diminishes with time. Our bodies are constantly stimulated to crave another fix. It does not matter whether the fix comes from sex, food, drugs or sport. Our egos (the mind’s false Self image) always crave another pat on the head, since we’re constantly reminded that we are not good enough. We are sitting ducks for emotional diversion. If we are at peace, even for a moment, old unresolved grief and fear bubbles up. We cry for the loss of our life as it should have been. Worse, we might begin to think and to question.

Fear is the predominant stimulus. One way or another, all the stimuli the hidden hand bombards us with, is designed to cultivate fear. Fear is the absence of love. Any action we take is either motivated by love, or is motivated by fear. If you dig deep enough, the original motivation is always either or. When they can push us from our heart towards fear, they win.

The killing blow is the sale of hierarchy as the natural order. They make us seem strangers in a hostile world, powerless and clueless. They will have us know our own hearts for fickle. They con us into trusting external authority to save us from menace. As powerless victims we must only hope that those, in which we place our trust, will save us. Custer, Batman or God - take your pick. Hierarchy is a cultural cancer caused by fear. It grows by taking away our power, our responsibility - our ability to respond. Step by step we give up more of our power as they create more menace to save us from.

This external mayhem creates a rift between what we perceive from the outside and what our heart knows from the inside. It becomes a rift between whom we truly are in our heart and who we are permitted to be by external pressure. This difference is the principal cause of disease (dis-ease). The problem is hard to identify, and knowledgeable healers have been culled for generations. Something is not right in our lives, and we do not know what. Most are not even consciously aware, but our heart knows there is a threat to our existence. Fight or flight. If you want to fight but can’t identify the threat you feel, or how to fight it, anxiety seeps in. If you feel overwhelmingly threatened, your survival instinct screams “flee”, and you can’t identify the threat in order to get away, this causes depression. Anxiety and or depression are part of any and every mental illness. When the dissonance within becomes so strong it shatters our ability to comprehend and live in the reality we perceive, they are coming to take us away, ha ha, he he, hi hi, ho ho…

The White Rabbit
We often lie to ourselves to preserve our illusion of the world. It is a defence mechanism we have adapted to avoid punishment for giving the wrong answer and asking the right question. We employ it to avoid the deep fear oozing from the rift separating who we truly are from who we are permitted to be. We automatically fit all we experience into the matrix of information in our mind. If something doesn’t fit, it is subconsciously filtered out. This is called cognitive dissonance.

To take back our power we must accept full responsibility for all that we are, and all that happens to us in our lives. Including that which we do not like, that which triggers resistance, that which we must see in order to let it go. Belief in coincidence is an illusion to avoid responsibility. Everything that resonates (stirs emotion) within is brought to your attention for a reason; the “good” as well as the “bad”. Accepting absolute responsibility is a paramount decision. Doing this we take back ownership of every circumstance in our lives. With that comes the power to choose change. There is no cavalry, and we don’t need it.

Answers close the mind. Questions open it. Follow the question. To really learn we must question every answer we have, perpetually. We must choose to live without absolutes, with any truth up for instant revision whenever new information or insight comes to us. To do this we must embrace the possibility that the world isn’t what we have believed. We must be willing to face our own fear and walk into the unknown. All aspects of life can be perceived from an infinite multitude of angles, and there just might be a really good side we’ve yet to see. With time, fear is replaced by curiosity and excitement as the world becomes a much more interesting place.

Sanitize your input. Relieve yourself of as much as you can of the external cacophony. It’s mostly rubbish anyway. Be very selective of what you permit to occupy your time. Time is an asset - that’s why most people are so pressed for it. Your attention is an asset - marketing is all about getting as much of it as possible. We should use both assets to our best advantage.

Take the rubbish out. Whose idea am I repeating now? Whose thought is this? Where did I learn this emotional reaction? Why does my body crave sugar? Why do I jog? Is this mine, do I really do this because I want to? A very wise woman once discovered, after she finished her education, that she had no thoughts of her own. All her thoughts were quotations she had learnt. She was a bright woman and she immediately began analysing her thoughts and responses to find her own. The measure is your heart - your thoughts should find resonance in your heart, a feeling of “yes” or “no”.

The Native Americans have their Vision Quest, or perceiving quest. In “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” Dan Millman had to sit on the bonnet of an old car until he received a genuine insight. The Norse Edda describes how Odin is given the runes in a rather extreme vision quest - nine days and nights hanging from a tree deprived of food and water. It’s a challenge. Another person may be challenged by sitting five minutes at the kitchen table doing nothing - no food, no drink, no reading, knitting, singing or drumming their fingers.

The point of the exercise is to remove external stimuli and thus create a quiet space where what’s inside becomes visible. Meditation in silence, without mantra or music, works very well as a staple effort. From time to time a weekend or week alone - without books, music and other stimuli is a very good idea. This is not a hiking trip. The point is to minimize external input, and taking a walk defies that. You may also want to fast to some extent - if you know yourself well enough to take responsibility for this. Abstaining from food, and sometimes from water, is a very powerful tool and should not be taken lightly. If you do not know what you’re doing it can even be dangerous given the toxic levels in most bodies these days. You may want to detoxify first, and educate yourself about food and fasting.

Look at what happens. Your subconscious will try to divert you with every trick it knows: diversion by thought, emotion and sensation. Just observe. What emotion is this? What are you thinking now? What is this itch in my thigh? In all cases observe for an instant. Observe for a moment if any memory, image, thought, emotion or sensation is present. For a moment acknowledge what you perceive and then let it go as you exhale. Forgive as you exhale. Persist with this as much as it takes. Just let it all go. Cry, but get it out. Scream, but get it out. Exhale the thought, the emotion and the tension in your body. It’s a self healing technique, and beginning to use it is like training an unused muscle. It is an action of thought. When you decide that you do this it is happening, first a trickle - then more. By creating external silence and sorting out your thoughts, your emotions and the tensions in your body, you walk the way back to your inner silence. There you discover who you truly are.

Listen to your heart. In the beginning it is easier in the silence, as you evolve you can do this at the blink of an eye, wherever you are, just by switching your attention to your heart for a moment. Later, that connection is always conscious - you know instantly. As with everything, some will grasp this immediately, while others get a hang of it gradually. We’re all unique.

In the opening of his book “Choices and Illusions” Eldon Taylor paraphrases J. Krishnamurti: “Choice is an illusion. Do I do this - do I do that - all of this is confusion. I can only choose when I’m confused. When I know clearly, there is no choice”. Then Taylor moves on to science: “Thirty years ago, Benjamin Libet showed that there is activity in the subconscious within milliseconds before a conscious thought occurs. In other words, our so-called conscious thoughts are given us by our subconscious.” (Taylor, 2008, p. 1)

Any emotion stuck in your body leaves you at risk. Emotions are energetically contagious, and suppressed emotions are volatile. You can sometimes see this when a happy person enters a room full of people - the happiness spreads. It works the same with any strong emotion. As long as you have any suppressed emotions you will be pulled into situations which let you re-explore them. Any such encounter will strike sparks to get your attention. Either you strike out at the subconsciously perceived threat, with anger cloaking the fear (fight), or you follow the heard off the cliff when it panics (flight). Every time you re-act instead of release you add to the stored rubbish. The discharging of defence reactions will increase until you stop re-acting the role you play and look inside for who you truly are.

In the end you will have to take the rubbish out, or else physical and or mental dis-ease will ensue. After, you will no longer be reactive, and you may actually be able to feel emotions of others. You can receive emotion signals as blips on your radar. I can sometimes feel emotions broadcasted, and when I look around I immediately spot the person broadcasting. When I talk with people I can sometimes feel what they are feeling, but these emotions do not stick. This is the true meaning of the word empathy. You can even “listen” to places, things, ideas and whatever else you might want to. All have a resonance - a feeling. If something does strike sparks - a feeling, a sensation or a thought; either pulling me along strongly, or lingers, or recurs - it is time to get more rubbish out. The emotion occurs in me. It is my responsibility to handle. It is my face in the mirror - the situation is, or was, only a catalyst. I need to find what “truth” my subconscious believes in and release it.

The Key
We are not our minds. The mind is a tool for the sorting and organizing of information. We are not our emotions. Emotions are a tool for navigation, when they are not our face in the mirror. We are not our bodies. The body is a tool for locomotion - a space-suit hologram for a Spirit to experience life on Mother Earth. We are unique sparks of Infinite Love, inseparable from the source. We are immortal spirits: consciousness. Death is an illusion. People who know this are very hard to bully: death is not a threat - but compromising the heart is. I AM.

Open your heart and let Infinite Love flow into you directly from the source. It is energy, it is creative potential, and it is life. You’re alive, so you’re already doing it - but there might just be room for a little improvement. Without life matter cannot exist: there is nothing to hold it together. Life, Infinite Love, is the force holding this dream we call reality together. Consciousness shapes it into form. Quantum physicists have known this for decades. Shamans and mystics have known it forever.

The life-line of the body-spacesuit enters the heart chakra, an energetic point in proximity to our physical heart. This is where a spirit enters its earth body-spacesuit. Inhale Infinite Love into your heart directly from the source. Let it permeate all that you are. When you exhale all those thoughts, emotions and aches mentioned above, proceed to inhale Infinite Love. This double technique is much more powerful. It’s a simple act of will: if you decide this is what you do, then it is happening. It cannot not happen! First it may be a trickle, but in the end you can move mountains. You are Infinite Love, it is not something you can be cut off from or denied access to. You can forget it, the connection can be hidden by illusion, and it can be atrophied by disuse - but it is always there. When you deliberately begin to access Infinite Love, the cord strengthens, veils shatter, capacity increases.

Even the Bible got that one right, Luke 17:21, “nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you." But religions seem to miss this little detail - to the point where translations are being doctored. It seems many “modern” translations replace “within you” with “among you”. Why? Because understanding that specific point is the key we need to tackle this: Ephesians 6:12. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” The Bible meets David Icke.

[For those of you familiar with meditation, healing or Light work, please note this distinction: the connections from the root chakra and down (to the heart of Mother Earth) and from the crown chakra and up (to the heart of this universe) is part of the space-suit hologram. Your true power springs forth in your heart. All secondary sources of energy and information carry the risk of infiltration. Listen to your heart. I suggest you avoid mantras, they are frequently trouble. Many defy the inner silence by just changing the inner chatter to a different channel - the repetition of the mantra. This creates respite but not release. At worst a mantra link with something unknown, as does most initiations. All that glitters is not gold, and all who are invisible do not come in love. Take care, these waters are murky. Listen to your heart. If you see a vision of “good”, but your heart say “bad”, trust your heart always. Beam Infinite Love at it.]

Where attention goes, energy flows
“When I lived in Las Vegas, my local post office was always jammed with patrons. They all seemed in a hurry, and the clerks were absolutely rude. Many times heated arguments erupted between patrons and staff. I decided to try a little experiment. “What would happen if I just smiled and beamed light to all of these people?” I thought.
Every day for at least two weeks when I stopped to pick up my mail, I did my best to focus light on all. One day the oldest and grouchiest of the postal clerks, whose line I was queued in, looked up and said, “Hello, Dr. Taylor.” There was a smile on his face and in his voice. From that day forward, every clerk in the office spoke and smiled, laughed and joked with me. Everything had changed. They were still snippy with other patrons for a while, but the smile and the light had paid off. Somehow, unconsciously even, they identified me with warmth and love. Within a few months this post office and its employees were as warm and friendly with everyone as any I have ever visited.”
(Taylor, 2008, pp 73-74)

It does not matter whether we fight for or against. If we pour our righteous fury at the enemy and strike with all our might, this causes a Hydra Effect. We cut off the head, and three new heads crop up for us to fight. We have told the universe that we want to fight the Hydra, and the universe kindly complies. This law is absolute; it is cause and effect in a very real way. There are many common sayings to remind us of this: “like attracts like”; “what we resist persists”; “what we resist we become”.

Many people have become aware of “the law of attraction” through books like “The Secret”. That’s good. It’s a start. There is, however, the danger of adding fuel to humanity’s pyre. Why do we want a fancy new car? Why do we want to be a millionaire? Our reasons might seem perfectly sound, but consider the cost this world has to pay in order to provide us with our new toys? What measure is there in being extraordinary successful in a completely insane world? Thanking “it” into existence is much more powerful than willing “it” into existence. “Thank you” embodies a significantly different quality than does “Do it”. (Eomoto, p. 91 and 102) This reality is not about willing things into existence, that is usually fear driven, but about loving and appreciating.

Then there is the issue of consequential creation. If you want to be good and kind and visualize yourself giving to the poor, you cast the role “poor” into your script. By this you contribute to poverty by visualizing poverty in this world so you can experience being generous. By all means visualize yourself as generous, caring and giving, but do not set the stage. Leave that to Infinite Love. Thank Mother Earth for the abundance she creates for everyone!

And we have the issue of subconscious creation. This is a principal law of this reality which provides us with learning experiences. This is a large part of the attraction for an immortal spirit to choose experiencing this physical role-playing game in the first place: to experience, to learn, and to grow within. Every fear we have will create recurring opportunities for us to face it. When we release that fear, and manage to focus on what we really want, every love we have creates recurring opportunities for us to experience it - and evolve it!

In our lives here on Mother Earth, we are magnets configured to attract and interact in learning experiences. I strongly advice we take control over what we attract and what we push away. We’ve discussed the implications of our emotions and our mind. We do also have our earth body-space suits. A body built with synthetic and toxic rubbish, and a body built with living and vital organic food, will each attract of its kind. It is a very good idea to re-educate yourself about food altogether. What most people think is food these days is increasingly a major and critical cause of illness. Acquiring knowledge and taking absolute responsibility for everything you put into your mouth is a necessary part of reclaiming wellness. “The Sunfood Diet Success System” by David Wolfe and “Detox Your World” by Shazzie are very good places to start looking. It is also a very good idea to check out MMS.

We are facing a global conspiracy bent on taking absolute control over this planet. We have prime targets like Chemtrails, HAARP, and Codex Alimentarius. We have the Illuminati network and their extra-dimensional controllers. Do we really need another crop of Hydras? Do we really need to cast roles that require enemy players? Do we really need to turn more of this world into pocket change?

It is important to identify what we don’t want. This lets us reflect upon what we do want. If we do not want war, it may be that we want peace. If we don’t want to be slaves, we may want to embrace every freedom we can find - this means taking full responsibility for everything in our lives. If we don’t want famine we must envision a celebration of abundance on Mother Earth even as our tummy is kissing our backbone. And thank her for her abundance!

With love and discernment, deliberately select output. Every thought is an act of creation. Every choice is an act of creation. Do you create your experience here on Mother Earth from love or from fear? Listen to your heart and act accordingly. Focus on what you want. Hold your hart focused on freedom, diversity, abundance, joy, and love. Thank Infinite Love for it. Exhale anything else.

Whenever you see those Chemtrails, or think on those microwaves, or see the touch of the hidden hand, or any other “don’t want”, just exhale them and forgive the perpetrators, switch your attention and beam Infinite Love at Mother Earth as a vibrant, healthy, happy, free and abundant planet. Thank Infinite Love for Paradise Earth.

Focus on love. Focus on life. Focus on freedom. Focus on abundance. Without love there is no life. Many things have been called love, but without freedom life withers and dies. This means that freedom is an inseparable quality of Love. Anything restricting freedom is not Love, hence it is fear. Three questions can give you the measure of anything: Is this promoting love? Is this promoting life? Is this promoting freedom? You require a “yes” on all three questions; even one “no” lets you know that something is wrong. Remember to let your heart answer - your mind is only qualified to question.

I once found a traditional prayer for the Spiritual Warrior, from an American Indian source. It has never been more important: “I ask this, not for myself alone, but so that all the People may live". The “people” today are nothing less than Mother Earth herself, and every inhabitant on this planet. When you use this prayer, Infinite Love listens closely.

Absolute elsewhere in the stones of your mind
Yeah we’re playing those mind games forever
Projecting our images in space and in time

(From the song “Mind Games”, by John Lennon)

Hearts front and centre
Mass creation is the opposite which will end mass destruction. Only Infinite Love can heal finite fear. One person consciously beaming love from the heart is much stronger than hundreds vibrating fear, with practice stronger than thousands. Fear is only the absence of love - it has no inherent power. Darkness is only an absence of light. It cannot be darkness where there is light. When we are conned out of our power by external authority, most of it just dries up. It’s a trickle of our real potential which generates the matrix. The matrix mirrors the absence of love. It’s an illusion of powerlessness. Fear is an illusion of being separated from Infinite Love. We are Infinite Love and we can’t be separated from our self. But we can live such an illusion. The hidden hand creates by tricking us to worry about our “don’t wants”, and keeping us ignorant of the rules. It’s a con job. They are using their own limited power to manipulate us into creating our own Hell. We comply by letting them fill up our mind with thoughts of their choice, our emotions with manipulated insecurities, and our bodies with the poison with which they have replaced food and medicine. It is easily within our power to change it.

It is time to mobilize John Lennon’s millions of mind guerrillas. I offer this article as a means of mass-creation. Thank you for spreading it far and wide. It’s just a matter of choice. It’s just the action of beaming light, Infinite Love, to Mother Earth. Thank her for being the paradise she is. Whenever you see a “don’t want” breathe it out and let it go, then find the “do want” and beam Infinite Love at it. Let it go and forgive. We can help Mother Earth become Paradise again. It’s just a flicker of your mind opening the floodgate of your heart. You can do it as you walk down the street. Every time you do, you grow a little bit stronger. Do it as often as it takes, for as long as it takes. Even in the darkest dungeon you can exhale those walls, along with the “don’t wants” that set them up for you. Beam Infinite Love at yourself and give thanks for walking around free and happy with all your heart.
If at all possible, meditate every day. Five minutes it will do, but 20 are better. If some days you can do it twice, it’s brilliant. Thank you. Simply sit down in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes and relax your body. Take some deep comfortable breaths, and as you exhale let go of tensions, thoughts and emotions. With your thoughts simply say “I open my heart to Infinite Love and fill myself with Infinite Love. Thank you [Infinite Love] for the healing and protection I receive in this meditation.” Feel it happening - sooner or later you will. Enter the silence [this is just the intention to be silent within]. Thoughts and emotions will surface immediately. [Repeatedly - this is the take out the rubbish part of meditation, and what you’ve accumulated over decades might take some ousting.] Exhale them, and then inhale Infinite Love. Go back to the silence. [More rubbish might surface.] When you have settled reasonably into the meditation, then open the floodgates of your heart. Let Infinite Love fill you. Beam vibrant health, life, love, joy, freedom, peace and abundance to Mother Earth with all your heart. It’s a thought. It’s an action. Fill all she is and all who dwell upon her with Infinite Love. Persistently inhale Infinite Love. Beam it. Exhale anything else. Soon Infinite Love will burn like a sun in your chest. Literally - you will wonder why your chest doesn’t burst! Soon you can walk down a street in a meditative state and beam Infinite Love with all your heart.

Putting their soul power to the Karmic wheel
Keep on playing those mind games forever
Raising the spirit of peace and love

(From the song “Mind Games”, by John Lennon)

Keep doing what you can do best to make this world a better place. Focus on your unique strengths. Follow your dream. What do you really want to do? People need to know what’s going on. People need to know what they can do differently. People need clean and healthy food. It’s all important work. We all have different sets of strengths; we can all contribute in different ways. Thank you all. Whatever you do, beam Infinite Love. Into every word you write or speak. Into the uncovering of every issue you are investigating. Into the “do want” when you read about a “don’t want”. Into anything you create and every person you meet. Vote with your money. Vote with your every action. Above all, beam Infinite Love to Mother Earth and all who live upon her, and as you see us all awake, free, and happy, shining with Infinite Love. Give thanks. It’s a thought. It’s an action. It’s a will to open the floodgates of your heart and “shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun”. (From the song “Instant Karma”, by John Lennon)

Lightning Woman, Thunderchild
Star Soldiers one and all oh
Sisters, Brothers and all together
Aim Straight, Stand Tall

(From the song “Starwalker”, by Buffy Sainte-Marie)

About 15 years ago, around lunch time, I sat on a bus. The bus was full. There was a gaggle of kids from a nursery, elderly people on their way to town, some students, and two drunks. The drunks began arguing, and soon each had a hand at the other’s throat and the other hand in a fist ready to strike. If they had fought, many people would have been hurt. I set a wall of light between them and decided that only Love could pass. Within a split second, both began apologising simultaneously. It was the first time I used Light in that way. I stopped their negative residues from reacting. I was shaken - it really worked! Infinite Love flows from our hearts, but we can direct it with our minds - our attention and our intention. Welcome to Mother Earth, a planet brimming with Infinite Love.

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To check out MMS, go to for information and read Jim Humble’s book. Try it out.
And you might want to visit for a powerful manifesting tool.
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