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Living Earth Alchemy is happy to offer products and services which will help you improve your health and well-being. We do not cure disease - we help people with their Self-development. We are not doctors and we do not recommend the use of medicines or medical procedures to improve health and well-being. We relate to a reality where we see dis-ease and the absence of being well as a consequence of being a stranger to oneself. The first cause of disease is the difference between who you have been told you are and who you truly are.

Our essences and our therapies are here to help you into deeper contact with yourself, and through this help you find power to make choices and do changes which correspond with who you are. Our essences are not mail-order miracles but very powerful tools to help you reclaim who you are, to shed outgrown skins and dare be yourself to limit - and then transcend that limit. Some changes may come fast and others may take time. But it is your adventure and you are unique. Because all people are different we can NOT take responsibility for what you may experience in your own life. Not even in a healing process in which we help you. You must accept full responsibility for all that you are and all that happens in your life. This is a paramount decision because you then take back ownership of every circumstance in your life, and with that comes the power to choose change. Including that which you do not like, that which triggers resistance, that which you must see in order to let it go.

An essence from Living Earth Alchemy is pure Spirit embodied in pure water. The essences are maintained by raising the frequency of Light, Infinite Love, in the water until the light itself stabilizes and preserves the essence. In other words: There are no other physical components than pure spring-water. Whether Spirit may embody water shatters current science and ends up in mysticism. Spirit Essences must today be classified as religious products, as some sort of holy water. It is my experience that this works - it is an experience which I share with many people around the world. Whether you believe this and are willing to try are your choice and your responsibility.
Månedens essens
Light Warrior er lyskrigerens viktigste venn. Den gir deg kraft til å stå i deg selv i møte med verden - og med deg selv. Den hjelper deg med kraft til overvinne egene skygger og mørke krefter.

Månedens essens legger vi ved gratis til alle som kjøper på nett for minst kr. 500.-

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