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If you have visited us previously, you know that we have been struggling to get our website fully functional. This is due to an overworked programmer, who is upgrading his entire publishing suit. Our shop is ready to go in this new package - but the package isn’t ready yet.

We will now bypass this and make our essences available to the wider world. We have settled on a solution which should cover our needs - and yours needs - satisfactory.

You may send us an email telling us what you want. Then we send you an invoice by e-mail through Pay Pal. This invoice contains a button taking you directly to Pay Pal. You may there pay for your order by card in the normal way, whether you have a Pay Pal account or not.

There will be a delay, because we will need to manually send this invoice, and we’re not at the computer 24-7. It is not possible to facilitate our website with a Pay Pal shopping basket system. And it would not be practical to embed a Pay Pal button with each and every product we offer.

We ship when we payment is confirmed through Pay Pal.

All prices are in Norwegian Kroner (NOK) You can access Norges Bank to check the exchange rate against the most common currencies.

We ship essences by Priority Airmail, free of charge, wherever you are on Mother Earth. If you order books or food, we will add exact shipping for these items.

Every month we pick one essence as "Essence of the month". This essence we include free with every order of NOK 500.- or more from our website. You will find the name of the current "Essence of the month" at the right of our website under the heading "Månedens Essens" Please note the title and check out this essence. Of course, when our website is fully functional you will find this information right there, in the right hand bar where the text now is in Norwegian only.

Thank you for your patients.

Lars R
Månedens essens
Light Warrior er lyskrigerens viktigste venn. Den gir deg kraft til å stå i deg selv i møte med verden - og med deg selv. Den hjelper deg med kraft til overvinne egene skygger og mørke krefter.

Månedens essens legger vi ved gratis til alle som kjøper på nett for minst kr. 500.-

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