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Akvarell malt av Shelly Mortensen, med Wolverine Spirit Essence

Living Earth Alchemy produces cutting edge Essences. We create a series of essences without alcohol and without any physical matter besides spring-water. An essence from Living Earth Alchemy is pure Spirit embodied in pure water. The essences are maintained by raising the frequency of Light, Infinite Love, in the water until the light itself stabilizes and preserves the essence. You use essences to stimulate positive processes in body, mind, emotion and Spirit.

We ship essences world wide free of charge.

Living Earth Alchemy is for you who will take active responsibility for your inner development. Our essences are strong and will when needed initiate powerful processes. We work by helping people in their self-development, with reclaiming health and control in their own lives. We offer therapy and tools for this inner work. We require that you are willing to take full responsibility in your own life. Our steady customers find our essences an indispensable tool to maintain a powerful progression in their self-development.

We have now uploaded the English version of this site under the ENGLISH tag in the left hand menu. This is an emergency bypass of a situation we which is stuck externally. It is the fastest way we could make available an English version of our site. Eventually there will be a full English mirror. We’re on reserve solution for web shop and payment. Please see the “payment” menu choice for details.

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Månedens essens
Light Warrior er lyskrigerens viktigste venn. Den gir deg kraft til å stå i deg selv i møte med verden - og med deg selv. Den hjelper deg med kraft til overvinne egene skygger og mørke krefter.

Månedens essens legger vi ved gratis til alle som kjøper på nett for minst kr. 500.-

Handlekurven er tom

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